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Twenty-two living individuals in the family had the clinical features of RP and presented similar symptoms of night blindness and progressive reduction in their field of vision.
In our case, night blindness, mottled retina without bone spicule-like pigmentation, and extinguished scotopic ERG response in both eyes indicated RP without pigmentation.
Keywords: Congenital stationary night blindness, Mizuonakamura phenomenon, Oguchi disease.
Most of the children with night blindness or with family history of night blindness, had either low or deficient vitamin A level but due to small number of positive cases, neither night blindness of enrolled children nor family history of night blindness showed any statistical association with vitamin A deficiency (p = 0.363, and 0.116).Relationship between night blindness among immediate family member with vitamin A deficiency was also not found (p less than 0.160) (Table-2).
In many developing countries, the prevalence of night blindness is high among pregnant women with vitamin A deficiency.
Maleque said such vitamin A campaigns contributed a lot to the government's efforts in reducing night blindness and the risk of child deaths from diseases such as measles and diarrhoea.
2948 blind people have had their eye sight restored by surgeries 204630 people received free consultation and 61727 children were protected from night blindness. 60 deformed and homeless patients received day care and medical services at Ittehad Manzil (MALC's Home for Crippled Patients).
Glare can produce night blindness in drivers and can be hazardous to people and animals.
61,727 children were protected against night blindness while 60 deformed and homeless patients received day care and medical services at Ittehad Manzil (MALC's Home for Crippled Patients).
Night Blindness: The benefits of dates are extensive, and are commonly employed to fight off various conditions affecting the ear, nose, and throat.
26 and posted on its website that "it has not yet been determined whether daily consumption of Golden Rice does improve the Vitamin A status of people who are Vitamin A deficient and could therefore reduce related conditions such as night blindness."
It is generally recognized that night blindness is one of the commonest complaints in RP (Kaya-Ganziami et al., 1994; Hruby, 1983; Noble et al., 1998; Heckenlively et al., 1988).
Parents were inquired about night blindness. The history was accepted only when the response was definite and positive.
Globally, pregnant women in 66 countries experience s night blindness, with moderate to severe public health significance, and approximately 10 million pregnant women (8 percent of pregnant women) develop night blindness annually (World Health Organization, 2009).
But someday it may return partial sight to people suffering from conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited disease that can lead to night blindness and tunnel vision, or macular degeneration, in which sharp central vision is lost but peripheral vision remains.