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As for niggardliness, it means, O my brother, restraining oneself from spending on acts of goodness (abwab al-jamil), like spending in charity on relatives (muwasat al-qaraba), honouring friends, visiting saintly personages (tafaqqud dhawi al-hurumat); and advocacy of good causes (ta'ahud abwab al-birr) such as spending in charity on the needs of people (mahawij al-nas).
He complained of the niggardliness of state subsidies to the arts that was defended by "the sub-human denizens of the Treasury." Such a policy was incompatible with any loftier conception of "the duty and purpose, the honor and glory [sic] of the State." Art subsidies were a means for the State to fulfill its duty to elevate "the common man," to lead him to feel himself "finer, more gifted, more splendid, more carefree" (qtd.
His arguments are, on the face of it, impeccable; although contemporary advice to princes warns against excessive expenditure, it also warns against niggardliness. (20) However, even as Magnyfycence is persuaded to accept 'Largesse' in his service, a dubious figure enters behind his back and calls 'Largesse' by his true name: Fansy.
Your customers will see me slumped there in my chair, overturned in the gutter and frozen to the bone, and they will suspect foul play or at the very least a niggardliness of charity, and they will condemn your little store and you and your betrothed will go bankrupt and be forced to wander."
Boulding (1954, 6-7) asserts that the type of personality that emerges from market behavior and market institutions is devoid of the "richness of full human relationship," and insists that economic man is more than the sum of certain minor virtues and vices such as honesty, thriftiness, industriousness, niggardliness, parsimoniousness, and chicanery.
The effect of these years upon the oldest children was to develop in them an insane niggardliness, an insatiable love of property, and a desire to escape from the major's household as quickly as possible.
The examples are: apeshipe 'ape-like behaviour, simulation' (1450) (from a native noun), holishipe 'sanctity' (1390) (from a native adjective), nigardshipe 'stinginess, parsimony, the sin of niggardliness' (1439) (from an ON noun) and excellentship 'excellence, eminence' (1500) (from an OF adjective).
For regardless of the niggardliness of its Tsunami aid effort, China is now the dominant power in Southeast Asia.
Envy, Spite, Secretiveness, Resentment, Bigotry, Long-suffering, Frigidity, Niggardliness, Malice, Sullenness, Churlishness, Hypocrisy, Self-pity, Vindictiveness, Pettiness, Procrastination, Sloth, and Jealousy.
This paper examines patterns of recipience of Youth Allowance over the past five years and, in doing so demonstrates the niggardliness of the award, and how difficult it is for students to survive financially without parental support.
A full-scale explanation of this niggardliness is beyond the scope of this article, but certainly an obvious hypothesis is that America's political institutions are simply more constituency sensitive than virtually any other country's and that most constituencies most of the time in most places are not prone to spending their hard-earned dollars or francs or guilder in places where it does them no direct good.
These theories were constructed in societies that dealt with "the earlier iron grip of the niggardliness of nature" (Schultz 1953, 126), where land was loaded with historical ties.