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Nigella, 57, borrowed the dog from the owners of a rented barn near Ludlow, rustic N dor Shropshire, where exterior shots of her series At My Table were filmed.
12m Number of cook books Nigella Lawson has sold during her career
The advert shows a relaxed and casually dressed Nigella in a white shirt and jeans share her recipe for her perfect tea moment.
But in this year's six-part series Simply Nigella, her first BBC2 show since the Italian-themed Nigelissima in 2012, she's gone back to the simple format in which she made her name with shows such as Nigella and Nigella Bites.
What I find most bizarre about the show is that Nigella is still trying to ram the "idyllic life" brand down everyone's throats but knowing what we all know, it's not really washing any more.
Nigella, 55, hopes tapping into his contacts and insider knowledge will open new doors - after her last attempt to crack the US failed.
Key Words: Amphotericin B Nephrotoxicity Nigella sativa Mice Serum urea and creatinine.
The series launches in April with two titles: Nigella Express and How To Be A Domestic Goddess, followed by two more titles How to Eat and Nigella Summer, previously called Forever Summer in June.
I don't remember how many packets, but Nigella allowed me to buy that.
Nigella appeared right on cue at 5pm in a tight-fitted purple dress, showing off her famous figure.
No one really lives like Nigella; not even Nigella.
NIGELLA Lawson prepares more tasty dishes that don't take an age to produce.
Early Life: Nigella Lucy Lawson was born on January 6, 1960, to politician Nigel Lawson and Lyons Corner House heiress Vanessa Salmon.
NIGELLA Lawson is beating Jamie Oliver in the battle for the best-selling cookbook this Christmas, a retailer said today.
TELEVISION chef Nigella Lawson is making a comeback with a Christmas cookery series on BBC2.