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Niffy (my real name's Luella, but it stinks) was the kind of girl who could not ever resist a prank.
For these reasons, Amy was now on her hands and knees following Niffy into the dark basement underneath the stage.
Niffy might be happy crawling through dirt, grime or whatever, but Amy was the kind of girl who Frenchmanicured her fingernails and wore expensive, easily snaggable tights.
The next reading is going to be a very quiet one," Niffy whispered.
Someone may have removed a crucial page of the school Bible," Niffy said with a little shrug.
Niffy began to feel around for the set of bolts which held the trapdoor in place.
But Niffy and Amy were already tucked safely into the hiding place Niffy had identified long before the carol concert kicked off.
nIffy Onuora is serving the last game of his four-match ban for the Gills.
He's just worried that after five days without a bath on Touch The Truck, a bizarre new endurance-style game show, they could get a bit niffy.
Rangers fans may have to content themselves with blueberries and cream and one of those niffy cheeses, while Dundee United supporters might get by on tangerines, marmalade and Irn-Bru.
And leave the niffy nappies and knackering nights to the womenfolk
Both Boca Boca and Hilltopper are by Mandalus, who is also the sire of Niffy Nora, the dam of Snow Drop.
NIFFY NIPS: Smoking is not the only social habit with a bad smell
They're miniature aliens from the planet Projectile Vomit, in the Nebula of Niffy Nappy.