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Plans for NIFF 2019 are now under way and I'm delighted to announce officially the appointment of our new vice president, who has over 25 years' experience in festival event management and brand value partnership alignment - Ms Emma Bewick.
But it is Chris Ofili's work that looks set to send Brummie art lovers desperately hunting for clothes pegs to block their nostrils from the niff.
These were the awards handed out on Sunday night as the first Newcastle International Film Festival (NIFF) reached its climax at Newcastle Civic Centre.
But given that the grim reaper is allegedly lurching nearer those who struggle with aromatic detection, just be grateful you can sniff at all, be it a nasty niff or the sweet smell of success.
And let''s face it, everybody may unintentionally niff at some point in their life.
A NASTY niff that invaded Britain yesterday was last night traced to the French.
sniff Your Nazi foes can s i niff ff out ut your hiding places with only the slightest mistake.
It found that one in ten (3.2 million) said they're suffering from a nasty niff inside their car.
I couldn't stomach the putrid niff or the fuss involved in wrapping up the tin to stow in the fridge alongside the leftovers.
Now the science bit - on the one hand, the bird's super-sniffer is searching for blokes with a Major Histocompatibility Complex that exudes a similar niff to her own, like.
Thankfully the tray lifted out easily for disinfecting and scrubbing, and 10 minutes later there wasn't the slightest hint of a nasty niff.
A NASTY niff that invaded the UK yesterday was last night traced to the French.