nictitating membrane

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a protective fold of skin in the eyes of reptiles and birds and some mammals

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16,17) Although all of these therapies can be applied to domestic animals under restraint with the application of topical anesthetic, they were performed in this patient under anesthesia because of potential corneal perforation of the thin cornea and to avoid the avian nictitating membrane, which is highly mobile because of striated muscle.
A blinkin' Apparently birds keep their eyes clean by sweeping their nictitating membranes across the surface.
Growth of nictitating membrane was recorded in a bullock (Fig.
After the bird was euthanized according to Bermudez & Stewart-Brown (2008) for further necropsy, three nematodes were found underneath the nictitating membranes, two in the left eye and one in the right eye (Fig.
Horny or scaly skin may be related to the nictitating membrane.
positive IHC analysis Virus isolation ([dagger]) Tissue source 4 dpi 7 dpi 4 dpi 7 dpi Respiratory Lung 4 3 4 1 Bronchus 2 0 4 0 Trachea 0 0 4 1 Nasal turbinates 0 0 2 0 Extrarespiratory Liver 0 0 0 1 Intestine 0 0 1 1 Olfactory bulb 0 0 0 1 Brain 0 0 0 1 Spleen 0 0 1 0 Tonsil 0 0 2 0 Adrenal gland 0 0 0 2 Nictitating membrane 0 0 0 2 * Four cats were examined on each day.
It involves snipping a tiny piece of lymphoid tissue from the animal's nictitating membrane, or third eyelid, staining it with antibodies, and examining it under a microscope.
49 Many animals (including humans, though it no longer works in us) have a nictitating membrane - which part of the body does it protect?
surrounding an aperture (think of an old-fashioned camera lens, or the feline nictitating membrane famously captured in Rilke's "The Panther"), which encloses an old, fading snapshot of a young boy on the steps of a stairway (the boy is warmly dressed, with a wool coat and beret, so the stairway is likely on the outside of a house).
Numerous nematodes located under the nictitating membrane of the ocular globe were isolated.
These currents are thought to be responsible for the enhanced long-lasting depolarization (LLD) exhibited in Hermissenda photoreceptors when these animals are exposed to Pavlovian conditioning, and for the increased EPSP summation seen in the vertebrate hippocampus after nictitating membrane conditioning.
And a nictitating membrane protects its beady eyes from flying dirt.
Blink and nictitating membrane reflexes frequently corresponded in their responses to stimuli.
The dogs included varied in age from 2-12 months and showed clinical signs like epiphora, conjunctivitis and presence of smooth cherry like red mass at medial canthus protruding from behind the leading edge of nictitating membrane (Fig.
Corneal sensitivity was considered present if the bird blinked its eyelids or flashed the nictitating membrane when the cotton wisp was applied; it was considered absent if no such response was observed, and diminished if the response was less robust than in cohort birds.