nicotine poisoning

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toxic condition caused by the ingestion or inhalation of large amounts of nicotine

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Even a small taste of this liquid can cause nicotine poisoning in a child.
While low-dose acute nicotine poisoning results in tachycardia and hypertension, bradycardia and hypotension occur with high doses (37).
Many poison centers all over the world have received increasing number of calls in recent years of nicotine poisoning from e-cigarette accidental ingestion of liquid by small children.
30) The authors of a case report of nicotine poisoning in an infant call on doctors to educate patients about the hazard posed to children by nicotine solution.
Nicotine poisoning acts very quickly and can be fatal, especially when large doses are involved.
Sixty milligrams of nicotine (the amount in three or four cigarettes if all of the nicotine were absorbed) will kill an adult, but consuming only one cigarette or another comparable tobacco product is enough to make a toddler severely ill from nicotine poisoning.
GTS is acute nicotine poisoning, which occurs during tobacco leaf harvesting, in which the skin absorbs the nicotine.
However, more studies are needed to back this up as many electronic smoking products can increase the risk of nicotine poisoning and addiction.
The Channel 4 programme-makers say of the scandal: "Toxins are absorbed through the skin and workers can suffer acute nicotine poisoning.
At meal time the conversation ran to infusions, barrel-aged cocktails and how one restaurant's staff got nicotine poisoning when they tried to create a tobacco-infused spirit.
The children's hands are covered in a sticky brown residue and they suffer from severe headaches: a symptom of nicotine poisoning.
The children's hands are covered in a brown residue and they suffer from bad headaches: a symptom of nicotine poisoning.
Nicotine poisoning can cause weakness, nausea, convulsions, breathing problems, and even death.
Washington, April 19 (ANI): A study has found that a tobacco company's new, dissolvable nicotine pellet, which resembles popular candies, could lead to accidental nicotine poisoning in children.