nickel-iron battery

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a storage battery having a nickel oxide cathode and an iron anode with an electrolyte of potassium hydroxide

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To update the nickel-iron battery, the team divided the job into two tasks: 1) develop the structure, and 2) develop the chemistry.
The arrangement provides for financing, technical support and joint cooperation in completing the prototyping and testing of Power Technology's nickel-iron battery.
The state-of-the-art electric TEVan features an advanced nickel-iron battery, giving it superior energy storage capacity and a range of 120 miles per charge.
Visitors to the auto show will see many of them including: Ford's Ecostar delivery vehicle and Connecta family commuter vehicle, which both use sodium-sulfur batteries; the Nissan FEV, future electric vehicle, which uses 23 nickel-cadmium batteries and can be 100 percent recharged in 15 minutes; the BMW E2 American-designed commuter with a thermoplastic body, aluminum subframe and sodium-sulfur batteries; the Dodge Epic (electric powered interurban commuter) concept minivan and Chrysler TEVan minivan which both use nickel-iron battery packs.
Electric-powered vehicles in the Responsible Motoring Exhibit include: Ford's Ecostar electric van, which uses sodium-sulfur batteries and is already seeing fleet usage; and Chrysler's TEVan, an electric minivan, using nickel-iron battery packs.