nickel alloy

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an alloy whose main constituent is nickel

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The copper - nickel alloy specimen with an exposing surface area of 1cm2 is used as the working electrode.
It does that by supplying high-specification quality forgings and machined components through Broder, nickel alloys bar stock through AI Materials, cold drawn stainless steels through High Tensile Stainless, aluminium bronze through Integrity Alloys and bespoke flanges, plate& fittings through Alloy Flanges & Fittings.
In response to the limitations of 36% nickel alloy steel and stainless steel, Corus Tubes has invested its efforts into the development of 9% nickel pipeline material.
The production delays of the Airbus A-380 due to technology problems, and Boeing's 787 delays in ramping up production are causing both the titanium and nickel alloys markets to take a pause, while the subcontractors who have ordered metal to produce these planes wait for the actual production to start in earnest in 2007.
These influence the surface hardness and brightness of the resulting nickel alloy, which have an important effect on the laser-cutting process.
The Bimetalix TITANT features a hardened interior for abrasion resistance, a cobalt nickel alloy lining on the ID for excellent corrosion resistance, and a high strength body with good thermal heat transfer.
Plymouth Tube Company is a privately-held, family-owned global supplier of specialty carbon, alloy, stainless steel, and nickel alloy tubing.
P&W had recommended waxing the joint of the stator vane with nickel alloy to prevent possible air leakage from the joint, but its further analysis found the method was not appropriate, the report showed.
Forty per cent owned by the Westwood family, Cronimet (Great Britain) is part of German-owned Cronimet, which has an annual turnover of more than pounds 440 million and handles more than one million tonnes of scrap stainless steel and nickel alloy each year.
In addition to the single-action Billennium's futuristic engraving, key features include frame-mounted safety, carbon fiber grips with a soft surface treatment, micro adjustable rear sight and nickel alloy surface finish.
Department of Energy research lab, it consists of a thin layer of palladium nickel alloy sandwiched on top of an integrated circuit.
In the Nedox process, which was used to solve Ricon's problem, metallurgical technicians deposit a coating of a nickel alloy onto the metal surface.
Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Thalheimer is a non-ferrous scrap metal processor of brass, copper, nickel alloy, and stainless steel selling to foundries, refiners, and mills.
The barrel has Xaloy X-800 inlay of nickel alloy with tungsten carbide for abrasion and corrosion resistance.