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a rechargeable battery with a nickel cathode and a cadmium anode

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They have a much higher energy density than NiCads [nickel-cadmium batteries], and they're more benign.
Typically, lithium-ion batteries are lighter weight, have no memory effect due to charging, provide 30 to 40 percent more recharges and last four times longer than NiCad batteries before replacement.
5ah rechargeable18-Volt NiCad battery with 1-hour fast charger, blades for metal and wood, full easy to read instructions - all stored neatly in a blow-moulded case.
A future alternative to the BA-5123/U is the rechargeable 9-volt NiCad, NSN 5810-01-501-5401.
Three mishaps recently have been reported on NiCad batteries that overcharged in the aircraft during flight.
It is compatible with all DigiTrak Mark series transmitters and remote displays, DataLog equipment, and NiCad battery packs and chargers.
The system uses NiCad rechargeable batteries that provide about seven hours of power.
Prior to lithium-ion technology, cordless power tools were powered by NiCad or nickel metal hydride batteries.
Limited Tenders are invited for Rfp For Procurement Of Nicad Battery 24 V 4 Ah
2V fuel cell which is able to run the car four to five times longer than a NiCad battery.
Instead of Trev's stressed spring solution, the ICF-B200 uses a motor feeding energy into a NiCad battery.
A complete line of accessories is available, including nickel cadmium battery, extended-life nickel cadmium battery, alkaline battery pack, leather carrying case, in-vehicle charge for nicad batteries only, battery eliminator and hands-free car kit for use with nicad batteries.
Included accessories are a power connection cord, A-V output cable, rechargeable NiCad battery,
NiCad or lithium-ion, these cordless power tools are designed to work off either platform.
Contract awarded for HO-ERE12-008 - Battery Rechargeable, CH-4H NICAD 4 pcs.