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the basic unit of money in Bhutan

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The price of cardamom hit a record low of 700 Ngultrum per kg, which was between 800 and 900 Ngultrum.
Men face a fine of 110 ngultrum - about pounds 2, or three days' wages - if they fail to wear a knee-length dressing-gown called the gho on formal occasions.
Under this scheme the non-resident Bhutanese can open Non-Resident Bhutanese Foreign Currency Account and Non-Resident Bhutanese Ngultrum Account.
One change made it easier for the foreign companies to convert the Bhutanese ngultrum to foreign currencies and repatriate up to $5 million in dividends every year.
Due to a lack of exchange offices in the border region, the Bhutanese pay in Ngultrum.
In the exchange rate developments, the Ngultrum averaged Nu 66.
Though LG candidates cannot receive election campaign funds from the Election Commission, clause 59 of the Act provides, "Expenditure incurred or authorized by a candidate contesting election to Local Government shall, subject to any orders of the Election Commission under section 7, be limited to a maximum amount of Ngultrum 50,000/- or as may be fixed by the Election Commission from time to time.