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(law) a person who acts on behalf of an infant or disabled person

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f) An entry must be made in the diary at the place of detention regarding the arrest of the person which shall also disclose the name of the next friend of the person who has been informed of the arrest and the names and particulars of the police officials in whose custody the arrestee is
There shouldn't be confusion in anybody's mind that the next friend of Ram Lala, that is me, belongs to the VHP," he said.
However, the Supreme Court has explained that limits on the doctrine of next friend standing are necessary to prevent a "litigant asserting only a generalized interest in constitutional governance [from] circumvent[ing] the jurisdictional limits of [Article] III by simply assuming the mantle of 'next friend.
Almost a week after the application was lodged, the documents required to be filed in respect of E acting as A's next friend were filed pursuant to Rule 6 of the Family Proceedings Rules (Northern Ireland) 1996.
5-4 one, 15-8 two, 15-4 none, 15-2 three, 50 all four; next friend of D Wise to be employed by Newcastle: 5-4 G Poyet, 11-4 G Vialli, 9-2 D Bassett, L Sanchez, 10 R Earle, M Desailly, 25 F Leboeuf, 33 bar.
Mr Corre, Dame Vivienne's son with Malcolm McLaren, said the charity's first move was to fund Reprieve's Next Friend initiative, which allows friends or near relatives to launch appeals on behalf of a prisoner.
The next friend sent an e-mail listing all the lines in the story that had been left out, he thought, in order to downplay the erotic specifics of the story.
Scott Sereff individually, and as personal representative of his wife's estate, and as father and next friend of their children, brought suit against all involved.
His father, as next friend, filed a habeas corpus petition on his behalf.
9) Next friend standing allows a third person to file a claim in court on behalf of someone who is unable to file on his or her own.
Could David Schwimmer be the next Friend to tie the knot?
Thomas, for herself and as parent and next friend of Hope C.
Now I want to introduce my next friend, Phyllis, who is very funny,'' Carlton tells the kids.
The next friend and next of kin to an arrestee who committed suicide while being held in a county jail on a domestic assault charge, brought a 1983 action alleging that the county failed to recognize the arrestee's suicidal tendencies.
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