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at or in or to the adjacent residence

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The house next door to the Presbyterian Church, through the windows of which the minister had seen the sight that had so upset him, was occupied by two women.
In the room in the house next door Kate Swift had not yet appeared.
In the room next door a lamp was lighted and the waiting man stared into an empty bed.
All at once, Cornelius van Baerle, who, after all his learned pursuits, had been seized with the tulipomania, made some changes in his house at Dort, which, as we have stated, was next door to that of Boxtel.
Boxtel, then, was to have next door to him a rival and successful competitor; and his rival, instead of being some unknown, obscure gardener, was the godson of Mynheer Cornelius de Witt, that is to say, a celebrity.
I'll tell you, Christine, dear: it is because of the forest next door.
I dropped into that Home Restaurant next door this evening," said he.
The nearest," said the district doctor, "is a good Italian abbe, who lives next door to you.
As the doctors entered the street, they saw a man in a cassock standing on the threshold of the next door.
Moreover, the house began to stir as the hour of dinner approached; she could hear the plates being chinked in the dining-room next door, and Chailey instructing the Spanish girl where to put things down in vigorous English.
Next door was the kitchen, where they were washing up; white cooks were dipping their arms into cauldrons, while the waiters made their meal voraciously off broken meats, sopping up the gravy with bits of crumb.
Nor was she acquainted with the wives of the neighborhood, save for one strange old woman who lived in the house next door and with whom Saxon had exchanged snatches of conversation over the backyard division fence.
It was from the strange woman next door that Saxon received a hint, dropped in casual conversation, of what proved the culminating joy of bathing.
Yeh know Tom Jamison, he lives next door t' me up home.
All the first night I imagined I heard voices talking about me in that room next door.