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small usually bright-colored semiaquatic salamanders of North America and Europe and northern Asia

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r=0) first made public in January, when Trump jokingly said he was intrigued by the idea of choosing Callista because it would also mean Newt could be out if his hair, as the president has a hot-and-cold relationship with the former house speaker.
An innovative approach by Natural England to protecting great crested newts has taken a major step forward in Woking.
These adaptations allow snake predation on newts when individual snakes are resistant enough to tolerate the toxin load present in the local newt population, which leads to variation in newt toxicity across their range (Hanifin and others 2008).
Laboratory testing showed that the eDNA techniques correctly detected newts in 91% of the ponds.
This slimy newt was moving around in the salad as if nothing had happened.
Due to differences in body size between the predator and adult newt, the efficiency of mammals and great bird predators will probably be high.
Work stopped at Durham Police's new headquarters in Aykley Heads, Durham City, when a colony of great-crested newts, protected under law, was found hundreds of yards away from the building site.
This spring is the first time its opening has coincided with the annual migration of great crested newts, a protected species which travel after dusk from their winter woodland hibernation spots to their wetland breeding sites.
I pointed out that the last time they came into power, under Newt, practically nothing was accomplished except the delivery of more rhetoric and Newt's 1995 book, To Renew America, which didn't happen.
Its home is an area of highland streams that go dry in the summer, when the newt estivates.
In other words, it is a good deal fussier about where it lives than the other two British species of newt.
Newt and his sidekicks, Caleb and Marcus, are back together even though the charter school they all attended burned down in the last book.
Scientists say that the Spanish ribbed newt has to force its bones through its skin every time it is attacked.
A NEWT colony that was not there could cost the government pounds 1.