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small usually bright-colored semiaquatic salamanders of North America and Europe and northern Asia

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Laboratory testing showed that the eDNA techniques correctly detected newts in 91% of the ponds.
This slimy newt was moving around in the salad as if nothing had happened.
The newts cross the estate's entrance drive and faced being flattened by cars arriving for the beer garden evening.
A business based in Ukraine reportedly is the main marketer for the newt and it operates primarily over the Internet.
The specific habitat niche that the great crested newt naturally occupies also supports a remarkable diversity of plant and invertebrate life that is integral to the eco system or bigger ecological picture.
Newt is a computer genius, his father is rich enough to buy him almost anything, and the charter school requires gun-packing body guards and a security detail.
Yet this bizarre behaviour appears not to cause the newt any ill effects.
Officials said they were assessing an application from developers for permission to move the newts to a new site.
Anyone who harms a newt's habitat can end up with a pounds 5000 fine per newt or six months in prison.
A CONSTRUCTION firm has spent pounds 140,000 on building a plush new home for a lucky couple who can move in free - a pair of newts.
Now, work has been halted while each is rounded up - at a cost of pounds 1,000 per newt - and given a temporary home.
Perhaps the most intriguing political force in the '90s was Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton's arch-enemy.
In which our man in Washington gets lectured on chastity, talks morality with Newt, and watches wannabe pols woo big money donors.
As Newt Gingrich travels the country, wearing the V-neck sweater of contrition, talking about his weightloss program, and pledging to learn from his mistakes and play nicely with others, his Republican colleagues are gunning for his chair as Speaker of the House.
Even coming out to her parents--the presumably conservative mother and stepfather of Newt Gingrich--was relatively easy.