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sufficiently interesting to be reported in a newspaper

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But things that are true and honest and just--I actually get paid to think on these things and to decide whether they are newsworthy, whether or not they are pure and lovely and praiseworthy.
Powered by Storyful, which discovers, verifies, acquires and distributes timely and relevant video and user-generated content, FB Newswire is a resource for journalists that aggregates newsworthy content shared publicly on Facebook by individuals and organizations across the world.
But it they are often deemed neither newsworthy dramatic enough On both occasions we talked about what makes a story dramatically truthful.
But every media professional knows that for a story to be newsworthy it simply needs to gain the attention of the audience, and.
As a result, it becomes accessible to web users across the world and gains the attention of news agencies and websites who determine whether it is newsworthy or not.
It is important to recognise the difference between a sales pitch and a newsworthy article.
By 1996, the court was pioneering the use of its website to release court opinions and other newsworthy materials directly to the public in real time, a practice that now is standard procedure for courts throughout the nation.
That newsworthy response, however, was decidedly not included in the wire-service story or highlighted by the poll promoters.
E-mail your own newsworthy images to letters@advocate.
A press release is a brief text announcement of an event, development, or other newsworthy item," he explains.
Looking up, I see two very large television antennae that seem perfectly capable of pulling in live signals from a camera trained on a distant mountain to cover this newsworthy event.
Both groups have established websites to keep their members and the general public aware of newsworthy events and developments in the field, and to educate those laypeople wishing to learn more about the subject.
Therefore, while the residential developers of the moment are monopolizing the headlines with there large scale residential conversions and ground-up condo construction, the commercial sales market is quietly becoming newsworthy.
The papers argued that she had made herself newsworthy by appearing to signal prosecutors that she was sympathetic to their case by flashing an "OK" sign with her thumb and forefinger.
With the lives of real pop stars seemingly newsworthy on a daily basis, the story is believable and readers will find themselves rooting for Kelly and her success as a dancer.