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a female newsperson

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The newswoman was in a grueling month long stay in the hospital and is now resting in bed.
Glines, a second-generation newswoman -- her father, Jack Winning, edited newspapers in Chico, Calif.
Karman, 32, a newswoman once imprisoned for criticizing the violent Yemeni regime of the now-deposed President Ali Abdullah Saleh, ran Women Journalists Without Chains, a group that demanded press freedoms.
She studied art but eventually got a degree in communications, leading to a career as a radio newswoman.
As suggested by Heinecken's self-published book on the subject, 1984: A Case Study in Finding an Appropriate TV Newswoman (A CBS Docudrama in Words and Pictures) (1985), these works highlighted the role that typecasting plays in the television news as networks select for certain physical features (recalling the use of composite photography by eugenics master-mind Francis Galton).
CBS newswoman Katie Couric told viewers yesterday: "We're pleased to report she's recovering well.
They will not put the CNN newswoman in prison," Jones said.
Last Wednesday, a couple of hours after a jury found Curtis Vance guilty of killing KATV, Channel 7, newswoman Anne Pressly, station employees and friends of Pressly huddled in news director Randy Dixon's office to watch the 5 p.
Shriver was also the sister of Senator Robert F Kennedy, the wife of 1972 vice-presidential candidate and former Peace Corps director R Sargent Shriver, and the mother of former NBC newswoman Maria Shriver, who is married to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
35pm) A TV newswoman left traumatised by an encounter with a serial killer goes to recuperate at an isolated Californian retreat with her husband.
The yawns were from gossip connoisseurs who find the story all too familiar, coming two years after Villaraigosa wooed Channel 52 newswoman Mirthala Salinas amid the breakup of his 20-year marriage.
Jess Carter attempting a daring rescue of a TV newswoman trapped in a Pennsylvania coal mine.
Yet, as Lutes explains in the second chapter, "The African American Newswoman as National Icon," these ideas shaped the career of Ida B.
The Edith Kinney Gaylord Visiting Professorship in Journalism Ethics, named in honor of the late pioneering newswoman, was created with a gift from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation of Oklahoma City.