newsstand operator

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someone who sells newspapers

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With cash on hand from the building's recently completed refinance, C&K Properties has plans to upgrade the lobby and install a newsstand operator.
Additionally, Cohen is the founder and owner of Hudson News, the largest airport newsstand operator in the country and the leading travel retailer in North America.
21 October 2011 - French outdoor advertising firm JCDecaux SA (EPA:DEC) said today it is in exclusive talks to buy MediaKiosk newsstand operator from newspaper and periodicals distributor Presstalis, thus confirming a previous report.
Cummings' opinion links the First Amendment rights of newsstand operators with pamphleteers in the same way the U.
Bookman, counsel to the New York City Newsstand Operators Association, representing 300 sidewalk newsstands, said fewer than 10% were carrying the News.