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a stall where newspapers and other periodicals are sold

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We look forward to working toward expanding upon the great success the line has achieved on the newsstand over the years," said Michelle Ingenito, Curtis senior VP of publisher services and sales development.
To appeal to the engaged reader and leverage the purpose of newsstands, publishers need to consistently build on their offering by creating dynamic and interactive content that static print cannot provide."
While family members Caitlyn and Kendall Jenner made headlines (and sold magazines), Kim Kardashian's newsstand powers were on the decline.
publishers, like the Times or the Daily News, should have teamed up to save the newsstand with incentives by offering, for example, to sell subscriptions on their behalf with pick-ups at any newsstand.
According to the company, customers who subscribe to the digital editions of their favourite magazines through the NOOK Newsstand will have new issues automatically delivered to their NOOK Libraries as soon as they are available to read across all NOOK devices and Free NOOK Reading Apps.
titles that report to AAM declined only 0.3 percent, but single-copy sales -- that is, sales at newsstands, bookstores and other retail locations -- fell 8.2 percent.
Many of these publications are only fully available in digital form on the Inquirer Newsstand. The Inquirer Tab is also a fully functional tablet.
First released August 2011, the Metalcasting Newsstand App was originally available only on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Included in the winning brands will be newsstands with names like West End News and CNN Newsstand - Dallas, alongside national brands like Hudson News and Hudson Booksellers; on the speciality retail side, there will be shops which represent more local businesses and attractions, including Fair Park TX, Billy Bob's Texas, Mallasadi menswear and Famous Texas Boots.
One of the handy new features included in this fifth-generation operating system for iDevices is Newsstand. With Newsstand, you use a bookshelf integrated into the device's operating system in order to access the magazine and newspaper subscriptions you have on your device.
The current red block banner began in January 1991 as part of the first serious campaign to increase newsstand sales, as publisher Bill Shawcross wrote in that issue.
The new feature, called Newsstand, turned out to be a powerful nudge to consumers.
Newspaper publishers are raving about Apple Newsstand, saying they have seen a drastic increase in app downloads since its Oct.
Continuing with the trend of adapting to changing technology and providing the readers the best quality, Galatta Cinema was recently launched on the new Apple iOS 5 Newsstand in conjunction with New York based Global Mobile and Digital Newsstand, Magzter owned by Magzter Inc.
21 October 2011 - French newspaper and periodicals distributor Presstalis will sell 95% in its MediaKiosk newsstand operator to outdoor advertising firm JCDecaux (EPA:DEC), with a deal to be announced in days, French daily La Tribune reported, without citing sources.