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the staff of a newspaper or the news department of a periodical

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an office in which news is processed by a newspaper or news agency or television or radio station

a reading room (in a library or club) where newspapers and other periodicals can be read

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During a recent term as a Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow, my multi-tasking at Harvard focused on organizational dynamics for small newsrooms.
Despite that trend, newsrooms have found innovative ways to help them evolve from places where only print publications are produced to versatile media companies encompassing both print and digital platforms.
The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) will begin to use Octopus6, changing its Ankara-based newsroom computer system.
Since that first program in New York, SPJ and Bloomberg have reached more than 300 journalists in 10 print and broadcast newsrooms, with more scheduled throughout the spring and summer.
The war in Iraq became a showcase for the options the US might have for use against North Korea, and discussion of this aspect was the real focus of attention in the Japanese newsrooms.
Efforts to diversify the country's newsrooms were often forced and clumsy, and many people, black and white, had legitimate gripes.
publisher of the Miami Herald, says it is important to ASNE's Year 2000 Goal, which aims to increase the number of minorities in newsrooms until it matches the percentage of minorities in the general population by the year 2000 or sooner.
Also, the two newsrooms will merge staff members into combined departments for features, sports, photography and multimedia to gain efficiencies.
Of the newspapers that responded to the survey, 374 of them have "all white" newsrooms.
The newsroom culture Kovach encountered in the late `50s and early `60s at that job and, later, at the Nashville Tennessean could not be more different from newsrooms today, and goes a long way toward explaining Kovach's world view.
The American Society of News Editors' (ASNE) longtime director of diversity, Bobbi Bowman, is leaving at the end of June, and her position will be eliminated -- at a time when the meager gains that newspapers have made in diversifying their newsrooms are being reversed by mass layoffs.
They have failed, however, to reach the industry "benchmark" for attaining demographic parity of newsrooms and their markets by 2025.