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THE BBC was slammed for a poor taste social media post suggesting one of its newsreaders and a missing mum were lookalikes.
She said: "The first I knew was when the press release went out about me being he first Asian newsreader.
It said: "What he really wanted to be was a newsreader, and enthused by a work experience placement at the local BBC offices, Asa, full of ambition and friendliness, wrote to Moira Stuart, the then prime time BBC newsreader.
Dr Hargreaves said Mr Pickles, who was born in Halifax and had a strong regional accent, was invited to read the news during World War II because Germans were finding it all too easy to imitate newsreaders with the standard BBC accent, to deceive listeners with bogus bulletins.
Newsreader Gordon Honeycombe, left, and Hugh Scully, of the Antiques Roadshow
Thomas has been replaced by male newsreader Brooklyn Ross.
Over the last few days 68-year-old BBC newsreader Buerk, who hails from Solihull, is becoming noticeably thinner.
SEEKING TRUTH: The newsreader served on the Hillsborough Independent Panel
Dina will return to California's KSBW network, where she worked as a newsreader from 1991-96, the Daily Express reported.
But now he's turned his ire on his fellow newsreaders, who "make t***s of themselves" when they do shows like Strictly Come Dancing.
I've been immortalised in puppet form as Sky "Yon" newsreader Dermot Mhmnnnrhmmnr in Sky's new historical series Yonderland.
KENNETH Kendall - the BBC's first on-screen newsreader - has died.
The TV advert for Lynx Attract began with large on-screen text stating "Breaking News" while a newsreader said: "News reports just in of an epidemic spreading across the world.
Based on the Newsreader by ppi Media, it is the first workflow to combine mobile newspaper content and e-paper editions in a single application.
NEWSREADER Jayne James joined a host of glamorous models at John Lewis yesterday to launch a charity fashion show.