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a journalist employed to provide news stories for newspapers or broadcast media

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The protagonist, Miss Lund, is a white Seattle newspaperwoman who mixes up her facts while reporting on a Chinese betrothal and unexpectedly finds herself in the role of matchmaker.
Beasley had moved to California in 1910, already a newspaperwoman.
While Doubleday Canada deemed Horwood's involvement to be crucial in the creation and marketing of the book, this judgment appears to have been grounded in Brown's nearly negligible status as a regional newspaperwoman with few credentials as a literary author.
Based in Detroit for much of her working life as a newspaperwoman, Stella roamed the Great Lakes region and beyond, traveling far north into Ontario and Quebec and west to Vancouver and Alaska.
Jane Graves was a newspaperwoman for over 35 years.
Angela Hutchinson Hammer: Arizona's Pioneer Newspaperwoman.
Angela Hutchinson Hammer; Arizona's pioneer newspaperwoman.
San Francisco newspaperwoman Pauline Jacobson found the suspension of ordinary life positively festive, and described it as such in a San Francisco Bulletin account published eleven days after the quake.
A definitive biography of the crusading newspaperwoman of the late-19th century who sued a railroad for kicking her out of the "ladies' car," campaigned against lynching and crusaded in the suffragist movement.
In choosing to have Louis Lloyd mark this meeting with a sister newspaperwoman and "literary lady," Lily Lewis perhaps reveals her own desire for a community of colleagues that, had she returned to Canada, she would most likely have found in the Women's Press Club.
Stories relaying Eleanor's attempts to divorce FDR, her qualms about her loss of privacy as First Lady, and her thirty year love affair with newspaperwoman Lorena Hickok rarely seem to affect or pertain to the First Inaugural Address.
In one episode, a murder victim is a beloved and respected local newspaperwoman who rebuffs the romantic attentions of her assistant and fires him.
It's slickly packaged, looks good in widescreen and toplines Cate Blanchett, but producer Jerry Bruckheimer and helmer Joel Schumacher (reunited after last year's "Bad Company") seem boxed in by the very recent story and by the challenge of making a driven, rather foolhardy newspaperwoman into a sympathetic figure.
Catherine Jolicoeur, educator and collector of Acadian legends and tales; Diane Tye analyzes the coded feminism of Jean Heffernan, a Springhill, Nova Scotia newspaperwoman and local ethnographer; Christine St.
Being really fast helps more--"broadcast-competitive" is a phrase I heard newspaper people using, along with a lot of other evocative vocabulary like "flash head" and "screen shot" and "online team leader," which is the title the San Jose Mercury News has given a recent hire named Pamela Moreland, a longtime newspaperwoman whose last job was the managing editorship of the Mann Independent-Journal.