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journalism practiced for the newspapers

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Today it seems necessary to us, but only because Elbert Baker's conviction brought it to community newspapering.
But when she quit (to take a less anxiety-producing job outside daily newspapers), the stresses of what has happened to newspapering got the best of me.
He also gave it to the Bob White Conservation Area, north of Mexico, the small mid-Missouri town where I cut my newspapering chops.
The advent of interdepartmental networking, followed closely by the company's leap onto the Intemet's information superhighway, signaled the start of the most changeable and unpredictable newspapering era to date.
I never met anybody who loved newspapering like he did,'' Steve Bisheff said.
But shaped by his family's deep roots in community newspapering, Blethen retains the quaint notion that ownership also conveys civic responsibility.
But there is one essential ingredient that pertains to newspapering, blogs and online news sites: There is a hunger for reliable information and for perspective.
The more diverse chapters of part III are about "the lead," "observation for detail," "interview techniques," "best use of quotes," "copyediting for features," "using databases," "breaking into newspapering.
According to the ad the paper is looking for "a dynamic, highly motivated, customer-focused and market-driven leader with a passion for newspapering in the '90s and beyond.
No wonder Bradlee titled his memoir A Good Life: Newspapering and Other Adventures (Simon & Schuster, 514 pp.
All those years of Alaska newspapering gave Williams all kinds of memories.
While many big-city publishers have tried small-town newspapering and found it distasteful, at least Frederick knows what he's getting into: early in his career, he was seconded to Ely to edit the paper (then a daily) while the ailing incumbent recovered.
Cronkite's last column was a tribute to the newspapering medium in which he began his career.
John Darnton's novel "Black & White and Dead All Over" may be a roman a clef for those steeped in the world of New York newspapering.
In 1947, the Nieman Fellows printed their first issue, in which the editorial board stated its intent: "To publish a quarterly about newspapering by newspapermen.