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a critic who writes a column for the newspapers

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A newspaper critic is writing for people who haven't seen the movie and haven't made up their mind," says Bob Ross, the Tampa Tribune's film critic.
The last chapter, `The Modern Epoch', covering the most recent developments, is that in which one would expect Fallon to be at his best, for he has been an influential newspaper critic with the Irish Times for many years.
In 1993, in a television interview, the leading newspaper critic attacked the judges for being too highbrow: "They're basically rewarding their own cleverness.
There is the filmmaker who visits a dying newspaper critic to read him his scathing reviews; Moretti and a friend climb around Stromboli and the friend asks Moretti to go and meet some Americans to ask them about the latest plot developments in a U.
Liebling, the famous newspaper critic, accused publishers of making money by "buying the other fellow out and then sweating serfs.
Often called the playwright of the Midwest, Inge worked as a teacher and a newspaper critic until 1945 when he met Tennessee
As part of its agreement with The Seattle Times, newspaper critic John Hartl will also be available through Film.
The show fails to curry favour with powerful newspaper critic James Gordon Bennett (Paul Sparks), who labels it "a primitive circus of humbug".
A local newspaper critic gave a very prescient review of his act, describing Bruce as a "hard working comedian".
Newspaper critic Janet Martineau wrote: 'Benedetti is but 18, yet her performance of the Mendelssohn was one typical of a well-seasoned performer.
In this week's puzzler, a newspaper critic came a cropper (restaurant not TV so don't get any ideas) and a shadowy firm lurked about in the, er, shadows.
He remained a member of an amateur theatre group until a local newspaper critic told him he had real talent and should turn professional.
No one, not a newspaper critic or visiting broadcaster, was more merciless than Hearn during the pre-three-peat years when Utah would pick-and-roll the Lakers to death.
One Sunday newspaper critic summed up Gascoigne's clotted contribution as thus: ``at times he sounded like a Teletubby after a night on the tiles.