newspaper clipping

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an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine

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The newspaper clipping referred to the dire state of affairs in Russia.
Make a story out of this," TASS bureau chief Alexander Osipov told me, handing over the newspaper clipping.
Mrs Brook, aged 81, has always kept the Coventry Telegraph newspaper clipping of the particular Friday showing her children, Sally and Christopher, looking sadly at the damaged ride.
It was a bit stupefying to have an old newspaper clipping revise baseball history for us-to prove that Ted Williams had started his reformation long before his evolution into a fisherman and a citizen of the world.
The problem that emerges, then and now, is the likelihood that the grown child will learn the truth from a stray comment, an old newspaper clipping, or town gossip.
On the basis of an old newspaper clipping and other evidence, he concluded that Dr.
Georgina Ellis knew everything she needed to know about her mother In fact, she read it in a faded newspaper clipping she found in a drawer when she was eight.
At Belfast Crown Court yesterday 40-year-old Martin Kerfoot said a Bangor thug showed him a gun and a newspaper clipping relating to a shooting incident with the warning: "This is what happens to people who don't do as they're told.
Then, in the exhibition space proper, were two stacked garbage cans (also in unpainted plaster) covered by a sheet of plywood on which lay the folded shirt of a priest and a newspaper clipping showing a female delegate to the Republican Convention mocking the Purple Heart awarded John Kerry.
I pulled out a newspaper clipping that I had saved from a couple months back.
Worst offender with 211 complaints was US slimming pill Berry Trim Plus, a bogus newspaper clipping with the recipient's initials.
My simulation of the gallery's "office" contained a 1991 newspaper clipping of a warship bombing Baghdad even as, in 2001, the bombing of Kabul started.