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Figures from the Newspaper Association of America released earlier this month indicated that overall newspaper ad spending -- in both print and online -- was down 6.
Aside from its weekly newspaper ad, McGuckin Hardware also runs a coupon once a month in a regional coupon booklet that gets mailed out to area residents.
For more than $500 million, Arrest Bank of Fayetteville won five awards--for black-and-white newspaper ad, direct mail, newspaper campaign, outdoor advertising and collateral materials.
Aetna's newspaper ads noted that the HMO has spent more than $23 billion in the past year on 35 million doctor visits, 4.
1 Production issues: It's much faster to put together your weekly newspaper ad than scripting and filming a new television spot.
Other newspaper ad winners were: Davidson Drugs, for its ads in customer service; Drug Fair Northwest, price promotion (discount); and Douglas Maxi Drug, general merchandise.
In 2006, China's gross newspaper ad value reached RMB 77.
While Kantar pegged local newspaper ad spending declining 4.
One-Eighty/Leisure Care for their newspaper ad, "Tapestry at Wesbrook Village, Headphones Advertorial" in the category Advertising.
JENNIFER Lopez's husband has gone public about their love - with a full page newspaper ad.
Randy Thomas," featured in s newspaper ad for Exodus, a "reparative therapy" ministry, as seen in the Los Angeles Times, July 23
com usually need to interview fewer candidates before finding the right person to fill a position than if they had placed a newspaper ad.
The company said that newspaper ad revenue -- which makes up 97 percent of the ad revenue category -- was down 2.
The company estimates the industry will bounce back in 2010, with newspaper ad revenue growing 2.
Looking out onto the horizon, a report from a large accounting firm projects that newspaper ad revenue will drop more than 13 percent between 2009 and 2014, ending up at around $31.