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report or open letter giving informal or confidential news of interest to a special group

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The 105 categories include 9 for newsletters, 10 for web and intranet sites, and 17 for writing.
But the newsletters go beyond what is 'strictly business.
1 -- color) Lee Seitz, at her office in Reseda where she puts together the Polio Survivors newsletter, says she doesn't know how her group will afford to pay new mailing charges the Postal Service has told her it will levy.
If you don't have the technical ability in house, it's a no-brainer to outsource your e-mail newsletter.
Value-added extras include sample form contracts, a list of typesetting specifications, copy-editing and proofreading marks, sample page layouts, a 27-page model stylebook, and 10 newly updated pages of resources for newsletter editors.
Offer a free e-mail newsletter on a topic in which you're the expert and the prospect has an interest.
It is a PageMaker-format newsletter designed to be customized.
Newsletter Holdings LLC currently comprises the following companies:
To handle it, she developed another E-mail newsletter called/ntercom, edited by Jacqui Johnson.
I'm happy and as busy as I can be but also strongly suspect I'll be launching a newsletter myself again in the not-too-distant future," David said.
The patient newsletter contributed to 14,240 patients continuing to use the organization as their primary healthcare provider, resulting in an estimated $2,462,351 post marketing profit.
One nice guy who turned him down at the Evening Star did tell Al that he knew a guy who was planning to launch a weekly newsletter aimed at the new television industry and might be hiring.
The word "newsletter" in the title seems a bit gratuitous since she gives little attention to newsletter publishing.
Editor's note: The following is excerpted from The Newsletter on Newsletters' new book, How to Write & Edit Must-Read Newsletters, by Fred Goss.
net to advertise in The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter and The QualityStocks Daily Internet Broadcast located at www.