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a short news announcement concerning some on-going news story

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Initiative marks a step-up in size and commitment rather than a new beginning: Sogecable already supplies niche channels for cable and broadband Interact, plus CNN newsflashes for mobiles.
Sensitive to the human complications of war, Hartford challenges us to face the realities of violence that exceed between-commercial newsflashes and the euphemistic reports of policymakers.
The force is the second in the country to set up the US-style scheme which posts newsflashes to local TV and radio stations of children who police believe may have been abducted.
No newsflashes, no soundbites, no spinning interviews, nothing.
Legal Newsflash is just the first in a series, and we have made the commitment to put together Legal Newsflashes for each continent around the world, as well as on other topics, ranging from Electronic Commerce to Corporate Webmastery to Affinity Marketing.