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a short news announcement concerning some on-going news story

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It's been another great year for us in Central and Eastern Europe," Renner, the territory manager for Eastern and Central Europe and CIS at BBC Worldwide Sales & Distribution, told World Screen Newsflash.
In 1994, a Ceefax newsflash wrongly broadcast during a rehearsal that the Queen Mother had died.
Visitors can also register for NewsFlash e-updates that will keep them informed on show events as they happen.
NewsFlash: The NewsFlash section includes interesting articles, speeches, press releases and more features of interest to wood component manufacturers and end users.
21am: PA News Newsflash says Foreign Secretary Robin Cook's plane daiayed at Manila as he prepares to mate statement.
14 with a newsflash announcing that Flemish politicians had "unilaterally declared the independence of Flanders" and that the Belgian royal family had gone into exile.
Newsflash to gay Catholics: The church hates your guts.
BIG BUILDER NewsFlash is sent by our online editors when major events occur.
Operated by the county council's trading standards service, Newsflash delivers a free email alert.
McCabe: The recent newsflash of Kilimanjaro with a greatly diminished snowcap was a vivid wake-up call to save our environment.
The newsflash reported that if elected president, Kerry would reward teachers for increased student achievement.
I remember ordinary betting shops: you couldn't put your carrier-bag down without someone talking to you, and the whole world got a newsflash
The standard, which is available in the Newsflash section of the CCAC Web site (www.
Source: NewsFlash -- Associated Press News Reports Web site.
Meanwhile, Nan Giordano helps pose members of the host company, which she directs, against the lakeside temple ruins, hoping to evoke impressions of repertory works for the daily newsflash.