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a newsworthy event

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I shopped the idea around and someone from your paper wrote back that it was a nice story but not a compelling news event," Mrs.
NBC's "Dateline" won for investigative reporting, continuing coverage of a major news event and feature, and best sports or human interest story for broadcast and television networks and cable syndicators.
To reach the conclusion, Christine Smith, PhD, and Larry Squire, PhD, at the University of California, San Diego and the San Diego VA Medical Center, imaged study participants as they answered 160 questions about news events that occurred over the past 30 years.
For more information about the Good News event phone 01484645308 or email far town mission@yahoo.
As part of Breaking the Sound Barrier campaign organised by RNID, a charity for the deaf and hard of hearing, Geordies are being urged to consider how they would feel not being able to hear about major news events.
Disclosing the fact that they're covering fabrications as news events would destroy their authority with readers.
A streaming audio replay of the news event will be available on the Web at http://www.
She too concluded the century's lead news event was the atomic bombing.
Categories in which KCBS was nominated include best news special, for ``Firestorms '96''; best live coverage of a news event, for ``Orange County Pursuit''; and best serious news story, for three entries: ``Lucky Liquor,'' ``Smile Girl'' and ``Tex Watson: Paying For Pleasure.
Much like a Presidential election race in the world of politics or "March Madness" in the world of sports, TV Guide Channel will treat "Award Season 07" as a both a major news event and a popular culture celebration, offering viewers a comprehensive one-stop destination for news and programming around each major Hollywood award show.
Other IPTC NewsCodes can, for example, describe where a news event took place or display its relative importance to readers.
Whenever any of these concepts have a news event, it will also be a news event for Franchise Capital as well.
If other major news events occur in the interim, have students add them and adjust rankings.