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Synonyms for newness

Synonyms for newness

Antonyms for newness

the quality of being new

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During traditional circumcision, teaching about the "ways of men" was provided in a time and space rich with the expectation of change and newness.
Cloney had a reputation for embracing change and newness far more readily than many of his younger colleagues.
This figure, in Rody's terms, is "a new figure and a figure for newness, for invention, for her very own renaissance: a serious, dedicated, powerful black girl where there was not one before--a girl who comes to redress her own absence.
The court ruled that prison officials were entitled to qualified immunity from money damages because of the newness of the Act and lack of precedents interpreting it.
Criteria for papers selection will include the newness of the material (is this the first time that this material is to be presented at a formal industry gathering?
It goes without saying that the answer may be that the euro is suffering simply from its own sense of newness, a problem that could diminish as time goes by.
We live in a world that dampens faith and can quickly diminish the joy and newness of the good news of Jesus Christ, a culture that seeks to sway you from the search for goodness,' he will say.
As a result, test scores may rise and fall based upon the newness of the test itself.
This extension was granted in recognition of the newness of the Roth IRA and taxpayer difficulties.
While assisted-living bond deals offer investors an alternative to the battered hospital and health care system credits that have been selling lately, the relative newness of the industry scares them partially because there is no real yardstick to measure how well such deals are faring as they mature.
When that ambition disappoints, and his phrases and acts do not glisten with newness, the ironist treats his own derivative behavior with the vague contempt that a selfishly expectant parent might show toward a child who fails to perform.
Windows NT is expected to continue its successful sales, while servers based on Novell's NetWare will drop to make way, however IDC is also predicting that the newness of NT/Windows 2000 will hamper this products move into more profitable midrange markets.
Due to the relative newness of the computer-related tenant mix with which we are working, the tenants themselves have certain specific needs.
The newness seems to lie in their publication, something not done hitherto.