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Synonyms for newfangled

Synonyms for newfangled

not the same as what was previously known or done

Synonyms for newfangled

(of a new kind or fashion) gratuitously new


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Newfangled broke down in the Group 2 Lowther Stakes at York on Thursday and was instantly pulled up by William Buick after little more than a furlong.
Hopefully Newfangled can recover and come back next year.
Meanwhile, Newfangled, next year's ante-post favourite for the 1,000 Guineas, was put down after failing to recover from a serious injury sustained at York on Thursday.
Newfangled is hard to oppose in the Jaguar Cars Lowther Stakes, despite the fact she is likely to go off at a short price.
NEWSBOY'S TRIO 1 NEWFANGLED 2 SANDREAMER 3 TASSEL NEWFANGLED could scarcely have made a bigger impression with her debut win at Newmarket and should keep her unbeaten record.
To connect Maputo to the key Cahora Bassa Dam by newfangled high-tension power lines that will carry 3100MW of the dam's yield to the capital, Mozambique launched a US$2.
These members of Rye Hill Youth Club, Newcastle, are crowding around the newfangled jukebox, which was hired for the occasion of their Christmas party, in December 1957.
New Tricks (BBC One, 9pm) OLD school coppers Gerry, Jack and Brian may occasionally rail against politically correct modern policing, but some viewers will conclude that there's a lot to be said for newfangled methods of detecting.
Full-time heating engineer and self-described "tinkerer" Bill Moxon came up with his newfangled, grip-friendly pen in the late 1990s.
Crewmen, newfangled devices and shortcuts are not the way to clean your tank's gun tube.
That made sense then, as the recycling of aggregates was relatively newfangled, and people wanted to learn about processing techniques.
Clemson University Extension's Home and Garden Information Center conducted extensive testing on different cooking surfaces, and found this newfangled cookware to be some of the safest on the market.
In what the painter has referred to as "democratic space," prehistoric beasts paddle with newfangled mutants and everyday pests.
Last year our family decided to check out the newfangled and very fast stunt kites.
Tribeca's newfangled took has met with mixed reviews.