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the post at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs


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To fit the newel post (the main post located at the top and bottom of the stairs) use an 18v drill with a 22mm spade bit to create a circular hole in the bottom of both the post and the base corner.
I held on to the old wooden balustrade as I walked down slowly, slapping at the newel posts while looking over the side.
3 Fit the notched newel post over the outer joist of the decking sub-frame.
The upper tread had a support along the outside edge under the upper newel post. The bottom of the steel tube in the center pole was fastened with four screws M8 by 60 to a 45 mm thick wood plate, which was fixed to the test rig.
Gripping a newel post to struggle down the steps, the jaw of a soldier came into view.
Joi mentioned the white Vermont marble staircase, in the lobby, with its newel post of white marble and clusters of fruit and flowers.
A visitor is greeted by the original staircase, complete with carved wood newel post and spindles.
So I draped stuff all over, up to and including the odd sconce and newel post, bringing the relative humidity throughout the whole house to "sub-tropical not-at-all-paradise".
Stairs feature ornamental newel post and rails in carved ivy leaf design.
1 Before bolting the newel post to the floor joists, drill a pilot hole through the post and into the joist for the bolt to pass through.
HOW: Affix one newel post base to the top and one to the bottom of the stairs.
On the first floor the landing also has an original banister, spindles and newel post, and a large walk-in storage cupboard.
The architect also specified the material for the kitchen counter and the cap piece on a newel post.