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Fifty times in the last 26 years the doorbell rang and a social worker was standing there with a newborn baby that some mother didn't want or couldn't keep.
How Woman throws her newborn baby from 17th floor as her married boyfriend left her to his wife
In October 2017, a newborn baby girl was rescued from a rubbish heap covered in ants after allegedly being abandoned by her parents in the Indian city of Bhopal.
Police and hospital sources said scavengers had spotted the body of the deceased newborn baby boy near the water tank at the garbage dump and informed the police.
FAISALABAD: A newborn baby girl was kidnapped from the Allied Hospital, Faisalabad on Saturday afternoon, according to a local media outlet.
Summary: Shahdol (Madhya Pradesh) [India], November 28 (ANI): In a shocking incident, a newborn baby was found dead outside Shahdol district headquarters clinic.
This can reduce the risk of a newborn baby developing GBS infection by more than 80%.
Another newborn baby suffering from congenital occlusion in the anus also underwent successful surgery.
The mother and newborn baby girl from the Western Visayas who were initially suspected of having contracted the Zika virus have tested negative in confirmatory tests.
Summary: Workers at a waste-sorting plant in the southern city of Sidon found a newborn baby in a delivery of trash that arrived at the facility Monday morning.
The grip is so strong a newborn baby can hang on to a clothes line and take its own weight.
After much anticipation, Lebanese superstar Myriam Fares has kept her promise and released the first images of her newborn baby Jayden on Sunday.
A newborn baby boy who was just a few hours old and still with his umbilical cord attached was found abandoned in a Christmas nativity scene in a New York church, police said Wednesday.
The body of a newborn baby was found by garbage collectors at Al Sajjah landfill in Sharjah on Sunday morning.
In 2012 to 2014, life expectancy for newborn baby boys was highest in Kensington and Chelsea (83.