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a planned urban community created in a rural or undeveloped area and designed to be self-sufficient with its own housing and education and commerce and recreation

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All through my time she lived at Old Welmingham, and after my time, when the new town was building, and the respectable neighbours began moving to it, she moved too, as if she was determined to live among them and scandalise them to the very last.
KARACHI -- The traffic police Karachi on Friday announced alternative routes for the vehicular traffic to move smoothly and avoid traffic congestion due to construction work between New town and National Stadium on the National Stadium road (Pir Sibghatullah Rashidi road) here.
Prequalification are invited for Eligible Reputed & Licensed Event Management Teams For Offering Response In The Prescribed Format As Appended Hereto In Annexure I For Organizing New Town Mela-2017 At Mela Ground, New Town On And From 23.
Rawalpindi -- One person has been killed while doing one-wheeling stunt within the New Town Police jurisdiction.
com)-- Five major figures reflect candidly on the original New Town programmes, in a new report published by Idox.
WE'RE back in Washington New Town today, featuring more archive pictures from Tyne and Wear Archives.
Yvonne Middlemiss - the first baby born in Cramlington New Town - has turned 50 and celebrated her silver wedding anniversary.
I want both suggested options for access to the new town if possible because I want people to be able to reach their homes easily," said Mr Al Hamer.
There has also been an increasing investment in housing of new town.
Conservationists will meet next week to make a fresh call for the new town to be created at Llandow, easing pressure on other possible development sites in the Vale which are proving controversial with residents.
The largest town in Powys - with a population of nearly 13,0 and boasting the birthplace of social reformer Robert Owen - was designated a new town in 1967 as part of a government policy to disperse the population after World War II.
At least 750 new jobs will be created when Montserrat pushes forward on its development of a new town in Little Bay and upgrading its tourism product, says Governor Adrian Davis, reports Caribbean News Now (Feb.
IT STARTED WITH AN EMAIL TO PERRY CADMAN asking the chief operating officer of New Town Builders if he'd consider building a "demonstration" house framed with wood from pine-beetle timber.
Apollo Real Estate Advisors has formed a joint venture with Sang Oh Development LLC to develop New Town at Capital City Market, the planned $1.
Of course, the council was right - but only partly, for it was not realised that Newtown Row actually predated the emergence of Aston New Town.