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a blemish on the skin that is formed before birth

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Spitz nevi are wholly benign, whereas spitzoid melanomas are malignant and have the potential to metastasize to the regional lymph node basin and distant sites.
In a subsequent analysis, the investigators found no significant protective effect for sunscreen use on melanocytic nevi counts, whereas a regular practice of wearing clothing at the beach or pool was inversely associated with the number of melanocytic nevi (Am.
Nevi with a globular dermoscopic pattern occur mostly in children and mainly on the upper back.
3) The various surgical techniques that can be employed in removal of melanocytic nevi are shave excision, round/punch excision, elliptical excision.
Development of multiple pigmented nevi within segmental nevus depigmentosus.
All of the nevi had epithelial inclusions, solid (mean, 1.
The localizations of acral nevi were as follows: inner arch (20%), finger (18.
It has been estimated that 6 percent of the white population harbors a choroidal nevus and that one in approximately 8,000 of these nevi transform into melanoma," the authors write.
KYOTO, JAPAN -- Blue-light phototherapy for neonatal jaundice could promote development of dysplastic nevi, Dr.
Taking N-acetylcysteine (NAC) episodically in anticipation of a day at the beach or before other heavy sun exposure may prevent UV-induced oxidative damage to melanocytic nevi, thereby reducing the long-term risk of malignant transformation, explained Dr.
There are no randomized controlled trials or cohort studies comparing techniques for removing raised nevi from the face.
In a prospective study of 106,379 Norwegian and Swedish women, the number of large asymmetric nevi on the legs was the single greatest host risk factor for melanoma, Dr.
Despite the predilection of sebaceous nevi for the head and neck, reports of this lesion rarely appear in the otolaryngology literature.
Agminated blue nevi are aggregated clusters of nevi that appear blue because of their deep dermal location and the subsequent scattering of short wavelengths of light (Tyndall effect).