never-never land

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a pleasing country existing only in dreams or imagination

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However, having fluttered outside the nursery window in a way that reminded me of Cathy in Wuthering Heights, Tom then voyages off to some after-death twilight zone, another kind of conceptual Never-Never Land far beyond the "last star on the right".
In Never-Never Land, the group encounters the villainous Captain Hook, played to great comedic effect by Rob Lynds, and his pirates.
Larry Clark's never-never land is the everyman's nightmare.
But this is the Netherlands, not Never-Never Land, and they are all about total commitment rather than Total Football.
While politicians are being prosecuted for wrongly claiming expenses (in actual fact for telling untruths), Plaid Cymru are hiding behind a manifesto drawn up on the fields of never-never land.
In a world that is complex, difficult, ambiguous and uncertain, simplicity offers a soothing never-never land of uncomplicated truth and easy fixes.
Wonderland, Oz, Never-Never Land, Narnia, Middle-Earth--who needs pulpy tales of outer space or the future, when more mainstream writing offers us no end of fantastic story settings?
Between these two she wrote: Policy and Passion (1881), The Head Station (1885), Miss Jacobsen's Chance (1886), The Romance of a Station (1889), Outlaw and Lawmaker (1893), Mrs Tregaskiss (1895), Nulma (1897), Fugitive Anne (1902), The Maid of the River (1905), The Lost Earl of Ellan (1906), Opal Fire (1910) and Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land (1915) plus two semi-autobiographical works, Australian Life Black and White (1885) and My Australian Girlhood (1902) and two collections of short stories, Dwellers by the River (1902) and The Luck of the Leura (1907).
Set in a never-never land with Egyptian and Gnostic overtones, its catchy, folk-like melodies and comedic ensembles never fail to bring a smile, and there was indeed much to smile about in OH's production.
It's an admirable strategy, but also a high-risk one, since the "center," however attractive it may be in principle, is often a nebulous political never-never land.
This leap into an etymological Never-never Land reminds me of the New Math my kids were bludgeoned with in the 1960s.
Like most of the others, he was a Portuguese Jewish exile from a strange never-never land.
Brown, brought up on true North East values in South Shields, has led Hull City to the never-never land of top-flight football for the first time in their 104-year history.
With 78 million boomers hitting retirement age and seniors-only communities recruiting 55-year-olds, Blechman raises the prospect of a significant portion of the population retiring into never-never land.
General Aviation Modifications has its promising PRISM system, but it too is stuck in developmental never-never land.