never again

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at no time hereafter


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The first usage of Never Again is murky, but most likely began in postwar Israel.
As the president of the American Jewish Committee, Sholom Comay, said after Kahane's assassination in November 1990, "Despite our considerable differences, Meir Kahane must always be remembered for the slogan Never Again, which for so many became the battle cry of post-Holocaust Jewry."
Restored in September 1850, the Papacy controlled Rome and central Italy only for another short period until Rome fell to the nationalists in 1870 and the Pope withdrew into his one remaining palace as the "prisoner of the Vatican." Never again did the Papacy control Rome or any other part of Italy.
Never again. That was the united message from Jews, nonJews, poets, faith leaders and politicians who spoke at this year's Birmingham Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations.
Never again should humans be allowed to carry out such evil acts.