neutron flux

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the rate of flow of neutrons

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The automated neutron flux control systems are essential for the management of the N-plant units because without them the reactors are uncontrollable.
Until now, major improvements both in neutron flux and degree of neutron polarization have been made: First, the University of Heidelberg has built a new ballistic supermirror guide for the ILL [11] which gives an increase of a factor of 4 in the cold neutron flux.
of Colorado Springs, CO, pulses both the accelerating voltage and ion source, which ensures the neutron flux drops to zero between pulses.
The neutron flux density ([PHI]) at the exit of the polarized cold neutron beam of PSI fundamental facilities "Funspin" is about 2 X [10.
Each detector module will be designed to absorb approximately 5% of the neutron flux so that a series of 20 modules (or 10 module pairs) located along the beam axis absorbs the entire beam.
The subject of the contract is the delivery of the neutron generator for the production of neutrons with energy 14 mev based on the reaction of deuterons and tritons (dt reaction) including the control device, the system for monitoring the neutron flux and the necessary accessories.
The TIP system would likely be used for calibration of incore neutron flux detectors which monitor the power levels and distribution in the Olkiluoto 1 and 2 units.
Typical examples of application are: structural integrity analyses, computational fluid dynamic analyses as well as Monte Carlo simulations for neutron flux calculations in nuclear reactors calculations.
gamma]] will depend upon the cold neutron flux on the hydrogen target.
The resulting time-averaged cold neutron flux is expected to be comparable to that of the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS) facility at Argonne National Laboratory.
This paper outlines some of these calculations and provides some estimates of the anticipated neutron flux for the two beamlines.
The m = 3 supermirror guide [7] enhances the total neutron flux in the desired energy range 0 meV to 15 meV with respect to the Maxwellian distribution of neutrons emerging from the moderator.
The high cold neutron flux at the Los Alamos Neutron Scattering Center (LANSCE) spallation neutron source and control of systematic errors require the use of current mode detection with vacuum photodiodes and low-noise solid-state preamplifiers.