neutron flux

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the rate of flow of neutrons

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In this regard, these reactions with high threshold energy are assumed attractive from the appropriate decay half-live of the product especially for 95Zr to be used a substandard for the 14MeV neutron flux determination.
The automated neutron flux control systems are essential for the management of the N-plant units because without them the reactors are uncontrollable.
i] is the neutron flux distribution, which is defined as the product of the neutron density and the velocity.
Such guides minimize the loss of neutron flux, through the phenomenon of total external reflection, analogous to the way light is transported with minimal loss through fibre optics via total internal reflection.
The additional three months of data collected since the March announcement have allowed project scientists to map the neutron flux more carefully.
inc] is the neutron flux of the incident beam (in neutrons per unit time per unit area), [f.
Tenders Are Invited for Restoration of lvr-15 nuclear reactor protection and control system - substitution of neutron flux detectors in power trigger channels.
IN5 uses a 30m2 detector while ILL's exceptionally high neutron flux offers an energy resolution an order of magnitude better than in previous X-ray measurements.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Mirion Technologies Radiation Monitoring Systems (RMS) Division announced that it has received an order to supply digital neutron flux monitoring channels for the Philippsburg and Neckarwestheim nuclear power plants in Germany.
The RIC system provides information on the distribution of the neutron flux in the core as well as indications for the mapping of core temperatures.
The dielectric system is smaller and has lower neutron flux on the upstream optics.
Sensing Systems: Electrical Penetrations, and Neutron Flux Detectors.