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made neutral in some respect


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commander Western Mindanao said a total of 353 members of the Abu Sayyaf were neutralized, 'five times higher than the number of neutralized members in 2016 that only recorded 75.
Two terrorists, one of them woman, were neutralized in an ensuing clash.
It comprises a liquid-impervious back layer, a liquid-absorbing intermediate layer containing a surface-cross-linked, partially neutralized, acidic hydrophilic polymer and a liquid-pervious, non-absorbing top layer.
1 : to make chemically neutral <An acid is neutralized with lime.
Asian DENV-2 viruses were not neutralized during either interval; however, the American genotype underwent phenotypic changes in heterotypic viral neutralizing antibodies in the predicted direction.
Working closely with polymer and alum suppliers, we found that some LMW and HCD coagulants neutralized the broke charge and cleared the broke turbidity, while others did not.
He neutralized the controls and recovered by 14,000 feet.
More than an air freshener, AriaBella has a light, pleasant fragrance that dissipates once the odor is neutralized.
For humans, chloramines in the drinking water are a safe alternative to chlorine, but both are toxic to aquatic animals and must be neutralized.
Small spills are easily neutralized and absorbed with neutralizing mats, and larger spills can be neutralized and collected for disposal with neutralizing spill kits.