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Synonyms for neutralization

action intended to keep a country politically neutral or exclude it from a possible war

a chemical reaction in which an acid and a base interact with the formation of a salt

(euphemism) the removal of a threat by killing or destroying it (especially in a covert operation or military operation)

action intended to nullify the effects of some previous action

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Titers determined by neutralization were higher and had a greater range than those determined by hHI, which suggests that neutralization may be more sensitive, particularly with low-titered serum.
Moving toward a complete systems solution for detection, identification and neutralization of wide ranges of bio-agents is a critical program goal.
On Page 12, Dela Rosa directs the PNP Intelligence Group to 'assist in the neutralization of drug groups/personalities and PNP personnel who are involved in illegal drug activities.
Calculations of 50% endpoint plaque-reduction neutralization titers ([PRNT.
JTF Sulu would like to thank the concerned citizens and the local government in the area for promptly informing us on the presence of lawless elements that lead to their neutralization thus thwarting their hostile plans,' Sobejana said.
Moreover, researchers have been concerned that the plaque/focus reduction neutralization test, the standard serologic assay for distinguishing different flavivirus serocomplexes, will be unable to differentiate Zika virus from DENV.
Pooled sera from 5 buffalo calves raised against vaccine I and II was used in the serum neutralization test to neutralize 7 field strains of FMD virus serotypes A, O and Asia-1.
In these circumstances, it is highly relevant to ensure that antivenoms being imported are indeed effective in the neutralization of venoms of the most important snakes of the country.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 8, 2017-Israel Aerospace Industries selects Votiro cyberattack neutralization solution
Cape Ray departed the Italian port of Gioia Tauro this afternoon for international waters in the Mediterranean Sea, where neutralization operations will soon begin.
Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said in a statement, late on Wednesday, that "Cape Ray departed the Italian port of Gioia Tauro this afternoon (earlier on Wednesday) for international waters in the Mediterranean Sea, where neutralization operations will soon begin.
Other methods to reduce mutual coupling and enhanced isolation of the MIMO antenna, such as inserting slits on ground plane [7], I-shaped conductor in modified ground plane [8] and inserting neutralization line between antenna element [9] was also promising methods.
This shows how the level of neutralization with each amine affects the formation of carboxylate anions.
Facing the problem of heparin contamination with economic constraints, we attempted to use polybrene for neutralization by manually mixing this reagent with heparin-contaminated plasma, and then performing aPTT analysis using an automated analyzer.
According to the company, this deodorant ingredient has an effective odor neutralization based on innovative fermentation technology.