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a policy of neutrality or nonalignment in international affairs

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Nonetheless, the political struggle among communists, neutralists, and rightists continued.
They also grouped spa-goers valuing similar benefits into three clusters--escapists, neutralists and hedonists.
Earlier, many proven neutralists, among them eminent legal experts like Dr.
Before World War II, Dutch society was made up of three pillars: the Catholics, the Protestants (which included the Calvinists), and the non-denominationalists or neutralists.
Some of those aimed to display, in the wake of Italy's controversial entrance in the war on the side of the Entente in May 1915, the superior prowess and agility of the Futurists, ardent interventionists, against those whom they considered passive neutralists.
In his book Teach Them to Challenge Authority: Educating for Healthy Societies (Continuum, 2008), Prince argues that neutrality itself undermines the ability to teach critical thinking, and that neutralists don't appreciate young people's capacity to see through bias and rhetoric.
Neutralists emerged in the mid-1980s, as empirical analyses revealed little or no statistical correlation between population growth and economic development.