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a policy of neutrality or nonalignment in international affairs

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Throughout late 1962 and all of 1963, neutralist Prime Minister Souvanna Phouma was unable to establish a coalition government due, in large measure, to Communist intransigence.
In interventionist writings, this so-called internal enemy was composed, first, of all the neutralists who opposed Italy's involvement in the conflict and successively of the defeatists, who were ready to accept the humiliating treaty of Versailles (Isnenghi 107; Wohl).
Redacted] emphasized the strategic aspect in explaining Vang Pao's low spirits: Vientiane might fear the extermination of the neutralists in a shootout with the communists, but Vang Pao had a different concern.
Nonetheless, the political struggle among communists, neutralists, and rightists continued.
Furthermore, these parties have tended to have less irredentist views compared to Lao and Khmer rightist and neutralists, and the Khmer Rouge.
They also grouped spa-goers valuing similar benefits into three clusters--escapists, neutralists and hedonists.
Earlier, many proven neutralists, among them eminent legal experts like Dr.
Before World War II, Dutch society was made up of three pillars: the Catholics, the Protestants (which included the Calvinists), and the non-denominationalists or neutralists.
In his book Teach Them to Challenge Authority: Educating for Healthy Societies (Continuum, 2008), Prince argues that neutrality itself undermines the ability to teach critical thinking, and that neutralists don't appreciate young people's capacity to see through bias and rhetoric.
Neutralists emerged in the mid-1980s, as empirical analyses revealed little or no statistical correlation between population growth and economic development.
Por ello pueden calificarse como population neutralists (5).
Parliamentarians, royalists, and neutralists continued to feel that building was key to their status and estate" (p.
And there was also Dulles' well-known prejudice against rewarding neutralists.
Neutralists and separationists agree that the Bush initiative poses dangers, including religious coercion on the part of service providers as well as sectarian favoritism on the part of government.
Enfin, si l'on se place du point de vue de la reception, il n'est pas innocent de constater que le recit de reve modifie considerablement l'horizon d'attente du lecteur dans la mesure ou son savoir et son experience se trouvent quasiment neutralists par la logique echevelee de ce recit, par le degre d'acceptabilite des evenements narres qui ne connait presque pas de limites : le Paris du reveur aura beau differer par de multiples traits de l'image et des faits compiles dans le repertoire lectoral, il n'en demeurera pas moins Paris; le reveur pourra assister a des metamorphoses, se voir mourir puis se sentir ressusciter sans que le lecteur mette en doute son recit et le sanctionne d'une totale incoherence.