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a policy of neutrality or nonalignment in international affairs

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In plant rhizosphere soil, apart from beneficial microorganism and pathogen, there were opportunistic microbes, which were unlike the neutralistic ones.
In their view, the interviewer should maintain a neutralistic stance towards politicians to remain within the boundaries of impartiality.
Furthermore, magico-mythological approaches often make a less clearcut distinction between ritual and meditation than more neutralistic approaches do.
Chilton se pregunta si el entrevistador adopta realmente lo que Heritage y Greatbatch (1991) denominan una posicion neutral (a neutralistic stance) al dirigirse al politico, y habla de preface hostility para referirse al modo, escasamente neutral, con que el entrevistador en ocasiones enmarca las preguntas.
Besides, broadcasters are well aware of the fact that the audience tends to favour neutralism and departures from neutralistic interviewing may result in a drop in rating.