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a policy of neutrality or nonalignment in international affairs

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Instead of subscribing to the principle of collective security, many African states that became independent with decolonisation since the 1950s were, from a security perspective, relatively weak and opted for political neutralism and non-alignment in particular (Booth 1987: 302-303).
Tarling points out that throughout this turbulent and confusing period the British government and Prince Sihanouk actually shared a broad general diagnosis of the region's long-term future and how best to approach it: sooner or later the Western military and political position in mainland Southeast Asia would become untenable, China's influence would rise in its stead, and regional powers would be well advised to plan accordingly; for Cambodia this meant pursuing its own policy of neutralism and lobbying for the wider neutralisation of its immediate region.
Thus, although Kaebnick acknowledges that there is a wider literature, his examination of liberal neutralism proceeds largely by reference to work by Rawls, Galston and Sandel rather than drawing on more explicitly environmentalist sources.
If this vision could shade into the advocacy of neutralism, it also presaged the SPD's later Ostpolitik under Willy Brandt, which partly aimed to overcome Cold War divides in Central and Eastern Europe.
The convention wisdom, according to the authors, "would say that a tactful neutralism and an equidistant policy between its two giant neighbors, India and China, as well as the other regional and global powers was and will be Burma's best-suited diplomatic stance in the future.
With the rising popularity of anti-EU parties (some of which enjoy warm relations with, if not actual monetary assistance from, Moscow), a plurality of Germans favoring neutralism over the Western alliance, and the City of London effectively an oblast of the Russian Federation, sacrificing Ukraine on the altar of better relations with Moscow would reinforce a disquieting trend.
Realist Challenges to Metaphysical Neutralism (Rodopi, Amsterdam/New York, 2006) 21-45.
For the impact on foreign policy, see Shanti Nair, Islam in Malaysia's Foreign Policy (London: Routledge, 1998) and Johan Saravannamuttu, Malaysia's Foreign Policy, The First Fifty Years: Alignment, Neutralism and Islamism (Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2010), pp.
Even after Bandaranaike came into power in 1956, after he began to articulate his new approach to foreign policy in terms of "dynamic neutralism " in the bi-polarised world, Prime Minister Nehru showed no interest.
Disagreements and third parties: Dilemmas of neutralism in panel news interviews.
2) In the 1950s, many post-colonial nations also combined in an autonomous bloc that refused alignment with either the communist East or the capitalist West, a neutralism that originally defined the 'Third World.
Critical nonalignment better describes their position than "positive" neutralism (and this remained true during the 1980s resurgence of such movements).
Such changes harshly question the ethics and professionalism of traditional media; field correspondents and dispatchers themselves came between the rock and the dark blue sea and their values of neutralism and accuracy have been subjected to severe testing, said panelists.
Afghanistan abandoned its policy of strict isolationism and moved towards defensive neutralism.