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an affinity for neural tissues

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Last, neurotropism concomitant to antibody-mediated damage cannot be ruled out because viral antigen and RNA may have been cleared before autopsy or false-negative laboratory results could have occurred.
Two factors appear to be involved in these recurrences: neurotropism and tumor depth.
Herpes defeats mucous membranes because of it's neurotropism and destructive actions to the central nervous system, that is why herpes can cause encephalitis, meningitis, ceratitis or conjunctivitis.
The infection of the central nervous system supports the view that the neurotropism of H5N1 HPAIV leads to nervous disturbances with loss of orientation.
Of the 7 Zika virus-infected neonates examined, 6 did not show intrauterine growth restriction, but all 7 had remarkably decreased brain weight (online Technical Appendix), emphasizing the neurotropism of Zika virus.
1-8] Also known as Xylohypha bantiana it is a dematiaceous fungi ie filamentous fungi with pigmented hyphae due to presence of dihydroxynaphthalene melanin in their cell wall with a remarkable neurotropism causing brain abscess.
The association of EBV with MS remains controversial and a more extensive understanding of EBV neurotropism and its association with the disease process is required.
PLGAs are malignant epithelial tumors characterized by bland, uniform nuclear features, diverse but characteristic architecture, infiltrative growth, and prominent neurotropism (figure 2, B).
pseudomallei isolates from patients with neurologic melioidosis do not demonstrate selective neurotropism in an experimental model, a distinct subset of B.
Pathology and other studies have shown that ZIKV's congenital neurologic effects are clearly correlated with direct fetal infection and neurotropism of the virus, as opposed to placental insufficiency or fetotoxic placental immune response resulting from placental infection.
Two principle theories have emerged concerning the directional growth of nerve fibersthe neurotropism or chemotropism hypothesis of Ramon et al [3] and the principle of contact guidance of Weiss.
Jentzer and Askanazy first coined the term neurotropism to describe this process.