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Synonyms for neurosurgeon

someone who does surgery on the nervous system (especially the brain)

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The registrars claim that their colleague, the neurosurgeon student who conducted the surgery, was unfairly victimised and that his suspension be lifted unconditionally as the hospital sorts out its system failures.
Is it the neurosurgeon, the nurses or the entire team?
The neurosurgeons work with drills, saws and knives to slice through brains.
A multi-disciplinary team of neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, radiologists and physicists decide the treatment plan for the patient after having all necessary work done.
We look forward to seeing how this next generation of the Stealth system will contribute to the continued transformation of how neurosurgeons treat brain and spine disorders around the world.
So they work as part of a team with therapists such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and neurosurgeons.
He pointed out that there was only one Neurosurgeon at MMC due to which who was unable to attend the influx of patients growing with each passing day.
The woman lodged a malpractice complaint against the neurosurgeon at the police station.
He was the founding member of the society of neurosurgeons of Pakistan.
Named one of the country's leading neurosurgeons by U.
Court Judge Patrick Thomas QC told the neurosurgeon he was the most intelligent man he had ever seen in the dock of a criminal court but that he had been "brought low" by lust.
Jessica was reunited with consultant neurosurgeon Mr May, along with her grateful mum and nan, Jane and Linda Bird, at The Walton Centre.
Rawalpindi -- Despite of experienced doctors in District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) Neurosurgeon Department (ND), only 32 beds are placed for patients in the ward.
Police, welcoming the outcome of the trial, said the conviction of the highly-regarded neurosurgeon might now encourage other complainants to come forward.
Arctic Spine, led by Harvard-trained neurosurgeon Dr.