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There are no previous descriptions of FA composition of PL and triacylglycerol (TG) fractions of any neuropteran except Lertha sheppardi Kirby (Neuroptera: Nemopteridae) (Cakmak et al.
The diet of this bat in Clermont County, OH, was comprised of lepidopterans (42%), coleopterans (30%), homopterans (10%), dipterans (9%), and neuropterans (7%) (Brack and Finni 1987).
Also in Indiana, Brack (1985) found dipterans, trichopterans, coleopterans (including the Asiatic oak weevil), lepidopterans, homopterans, hymenopterans, neuropterans, and plecopterans represented, in decreasing order of importance, in the diet of this species.
Since Nielsen could identify all Danish Lepidoptera to species level, he was invited to conduct his masters research on the phenology and distribution of moths and neuropterans in the beech forest.