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the branch of psychology that is concerned with the physiological bases of psychological processes

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As a collaborative care clinician and leader I found myself pausing and reflecting on how care would be improved with the addition of a neuropsychologist to our team.
Cultural invisibility--refers to the neuropsychologist neither acknowledging nor inquiring about the participants' Maori identity and their cultural backgrounds.
Loyola University Medical Center clinical neuropsychologist Christopher Randolph, PhD, said that there is absolutely no credible scientific data to suggest an increase of neurological risk from playing professional football.
Professor Gus Baker, who is the Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist at the Walton Centre in Fazakerley, has been awarded the Barbara Wilson Award.
Leading neuropsychologist Dr David Weeks said: "Katie Price has become a role model for some young women with little sense.
Johnson is a neuropsychologist with a thriving practice in Jonesboro where he treats patients who suffer from head injuries, strokes or other types of disease or trauma.
After age 65, regular participation in mentally stimulating activities, including doing crossword puzzles and reading, delays intellectual decay caused by Alzheimer's disease, say neuropsychologist Robert Wilson of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and his colleagues.
Neuropsychologist David Lewis said the reason why fans would give up sex for a year is to be found in a region of the brain called the nucleus accumbens.
Dr Sallie Baxendale, a neuropsychologist with the charity, said: "It's dangerous to play about with anti-epileptic drugs without close medical supervision.
In an earlier request for funds to hire a neuropsychologist to evaluate his client, Mr.
Alister Berry is a neuropsychologist with Momentum, formerly
The neuropsychologist uses tests and interviews to identify brain dysfunction, the location or origin of dysfunction, prognosis for recovery, functional strengths and weaknesses, the capacity to engage in independent daily life functions, and the need for supervision.
a clinical and research neuropsychologist with 35 years of experience and serves as Professor of Psychology at the University of Connecticut; and fellow Ph.
Dr Sallie Baxendale, consultant neuropsychologist with the NSE, said people believe this will stop the person swallowing their tongue when it is actually dangerous and can affect their breathing or cause them to break teeth.