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the branch of neuroscience that studies the physiology of the nervous system

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The neurophysiology service takes pride in its achievement.
The findings provide a patient-specific model for studying the neurophysiology of weight control and testing new therapies for obesity, concluded the paper that appeared in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.
But for neurophysiology data, there is no organized mechanism for doing that at the moment.
Al-Habib said: "The spinal cord was stabilized in the right direction without any side effects through the successful implementation of the intraoperative neurophysiology monitoring technology.
Mr Clarke said: "We are so pleased to be giving this to the neurophysiology team.
This is a measure of our commitment to provide excellent neuroscience care for our patients, including EEGs, EMGs and epilepsy monitoring," said Mark Stecker, MD, PhD, director of Marshall's epilepsy program and the hospital's neurophysiology lab.
Now the new plan sets out in detail how services could be developed and expanded in the key areas of neurology, neurophysiology, neurological imaging, critical care, rehabilitation and spinal surgery.
The 'Handbook of Physiology' has been developed in collaboration with physiologists the world over and represents a comprehensive look at all aspects of the field, from cell to neurophysiology.
Two volunteer patients are the first to trial the equipment at the hospital's Peter Jeavons Neurophysiology Unit.
About 18 hours after the rats' final treatments, an analysis of tissue from the hippocampus, the brain's memory hub, showed that the treated rats had twice as much BDNF in their brains as the untreated rats did, Lauterborn and her colleagues report in the August Journal of Neurophysiology.
Neither of the units will be shut down if one is chosen as the specialist site and both will provide outpatient neurosurgery clinics, inpatient and outpatient neurology, neuro-rehabilitation, neuro-radiology and neurophysiology services for their local areas.
Fostering a prosperous tradition of neuroscience for more than six decades, and supporting numerous future Nobel laureates, it was at the Marine Biological Laboratory that much of the basis of neurophysiology was first described--in marine organisms: retinal neurophysiology, the development and use of the voltage-clamp technique in squid by Cole and Moore (1960), the discovery of the squid giant axon, the elegant analysis of the action potential of the squid giant axon by Hodgkin and Huxley (1952), and the squid giant synapse discovery by Bullock and Harigawa (1957) used for elucidating the mechanisms of synaptic transmission.
Guidelines for diagnosing migraine-associated dizziness are few, but the diagnosis involves careful assessment of patient history, combined with consideration of the neurophysiology of the vestibular system, said Dr.
Originally produced for the Israeli market, the 41-minute film is the work of a team of experts in physiology, neurophysiology, dermatology, technology and military biochemical warfare.
Specifically, the joint work will focus on Tensor's ''Brain-on-a-Chip'' platform of testing assays centered around Matsushita's MED64 System, a mutli-electrode neurophysiology instrument for use in neurobiological research.