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the branch of neuroscience that studies the physiology of the nervous system

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Cadwell's cascade elite neuromonitoring equipment for Neurophysiologic monitoring of Transcranial Electrically Stimulated MEPS (TCMEPS), SSEPS and freerunning/evoked electromyography (EMG) were used.
The findings are consistent with the neurophysiologic knowledge.
The availability of fMRI and its increasing use in the study of a variety of poorly understood psychiatric illnesses and syndromes has resulted in intriguing insights into the neurophysiologic nature of conversion symptomatology [Mehta et al.
(i) To develop an effective diagnostic tool based on neurophysiologic and behavioral measures for early identification of patients and for quantifying changes in symptoms
Neurophysiologic tests have proven to be an objective and sensitive tool for the detection of even subclinical CNS impairment.
Human infants with iron deficiency anemia showed lower in social-emotional, neurophysiologic, cognitive, and motor development than collation group infants.15
Some neurophysiologic studies have demonstrated electroencephalogram changes with the menstrual cycle and changing estradiol levels during menstrual cycle have been shown to affect auditory and visual event-related potentials as well as latencies to right and left hemispheres.
In neurophysiologic examination, isolated axonal sensory polyneuropathy was determined in CIPA patient [8].
Moreover, specific neurophysiologic mechanisms play an important role in maintaining a correct postural tone [27,28].
Neurologic and neurophysiologic specialist consultation was obtained and valproic acid was initiated, without neurologic benefit.