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Chemotherapy treatments can cause peripheral neuropathy, which can persist after treatment ends.
While the pain from peripheral neuropathy can be disabling, its most severe consequences may result from numbness.
For the new study in Primary Care Diabetes, the researchers examined the efficacy of three noninvasive tools that are used to detect neuropathy in the foot: the 128-Hz tuning fork; the VibraTip, a pocket-sized, motorized device; and the neurothesiometer, a 7-pound electromechanical device that comes in a carrying case and includes an attachment that delivers vibrations to the body.
"Clinical abnormalities attributable to peripheral neuropathy were common in childhood cancer survivors and persisted long term, with concurrent deficits in patient-reported outcomes," the authors write.
(2) Peripheral neuropathy occurs in vasculitis due to involvement of the vasa nervorum causing nerve ischemia and axonal breakdown.
Several theories have been proposed to explain the pain related to the diabetic neuropathy, such as metabolic and autoimmune mechanisms associated with glial cell activation, changes in the blood vessels that supply the peripheral nerves, changes in sodium and calcium channels expression and in central pain mechanisms.
Patients with diabetes have a worse quality of life (QoL) compared to persons without diabetes [19], especially those with diabetic neuropathy [20].
Malik explained: "When diabetes patients present with neurological disorders it is understandable that doctors attribute this to diabetic neuropathy because it is such a common complication.
We have then assessed correlations of these parameters with the severity of neuropathy.
World Health Organization rates diabetic peripheral neuropathy to be wide spread neuropathy globally.
The case was assessed as pudendal nerve neuropathy in our clinic and 21 sessions of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation was applied to perineal region in acupuncture mode for 45 minutes twice a day.
Postsurgical neuropathy is a rare complication after hip surgery and can often be attributed to mechanical factors such as stretch, compression, contusion, hematoma, or nerve transection.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 23, 2015-NeuroMetrix awarded US patent for core technology in DPNCheck point-of-care neuropathy test
The new study findings, presented at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, showed that metformin increased levels of serum methylmalonic acid (MMA), a specific biomarker of tissue [B.sub.12] deficiency, and that this in turn was linked to neuropathy measured using a validated score.
Brentwood, TN, September 17, 2015 --( In a milestone for both Neurogenx and neuropathy patients, the second Neurogenx NerveCenter in the country opened its doors in Brentwood, TN on August 31, 2015.